Core Service


MELD operates a one to one counselling skills based recovery service offering support,

information and advice to anyone with a substance misuse issue.


Anyone can refer themselves to the Core Service by attending one of the Gateway to Recovery Clinics operating across Midlothian and East Lothian. They will then be offered regular one to one appointments with a Substance Misuse Worker.


The MELD Core Service supports individuals throughout East Lothian and Midlothian to deal with and overcome substance misuse and alcohol issues.  Clients are offered confidential one to one appointments in a location close to their homes, where they can safely explore their issues.  MELD works in partnership with other agencies to be part of an on-going Recovery Programme, benefiting those who need our support in addition to the support of other agencies.


MELD employ the Outcome Star Tool.  This tool helps service users to ‘realize’ the areas of their life that they need to work on.  Once these areas have been identified, an action plan is agreed and written up. This plan forms the basis of the core work and ‘goals’ are set.  Progress is monitored on the ‘Star Tool Scale’ and goals are reviewed and adjusted every 3 months to mirror progress made or highlight areas which still need to be worked on.


Promoting Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Misuse